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Bloody roar 4

Bloody roar 4 good kid mad city Bloody Roar 4 is a 3D fighting game developed by Eighting/Hudson Soft in 2003.

The daughter of the president of Sercia, Rachel Mc Pherson has been kidnapped by Sherudo Garo, who demands reinstatement for ruler for life in exchange for Rachel's life. See full summary » According to the story, an evil god named Malpercio invaded the world and sucked the oceans dry, leaving the islands floating around in the sky. Curien's research, has picked up where he left off, creating ... This would be a decent game rental for the weekend or if you have some friends over. He was defeated by 5 spiritual heroes, who sealed the evil god in the form of 5 "End Magnus." VSSE agents, Keith Martin and Robert Baxter are sent to infiltrate the Neodyne Industries led by Ernesto Diaz to stop the military satellites from launching into space. See full summary » Nearly two years have passed since the Curien Case. See full summary » Three months ago, a VSSE auditor carrying a silver briefcase that contains information about a traitor within the VSSE has been murdered, and the case was stolen by Wild Dog. See full summary » I always liked the Bloody Roar series. Maybe it's trying to compete with Vitra FIghter and Soul Calibur 2. New characters are in it like a crow morph and so on. I was pretty dissapointed with the forth installment. Developer Hudson's unique 3D fighter returns with Bloody Roar 4 for the Play Station 2. Three new characters join the cast of originals for a total of 17 fighters altogether. Players will see increased gore and blood, and the ability to customize your fighter with the all-new development mode, which uses a new ability point system to unlock new moves and powers in addition to the capability of stealing your opponent's move set as well. Also new is the "Zoanthropes Guage", which allows you to balance your health and power. As always, each fighter possesses the ability to morph into an animal to lay some serious beat down on the competition. Bloody roar 4 best of rocky soundtrack The fourth and final installment of the Bloody Roar series adds a variety of new gameplay mechanics such as the revamped Beast Gauge and game modes. Bloody Roar 4 is a 3D fighting game developed by Eighting/Hudson Soft in 2003.